Sometimes I talk about Love pt. 1
love letter to my special someone
How to Prevent Post Workout Breakout
ways to have a healthy body and also healthy skin
The Value of Being Real
In a very fabricated world, we need to remember to be honest and stay true to ourselves.
Ways to Spend Less Money in Jakarta
money hacks on how to spend less and start saving in big city
Perempuan dan Perbandingan
perempuan butuh untuk besyukur dan berhenti membandingkan hidup mereka dengan orang lain.
Digital Fast
Digital Fast is a way to get in touch with the real you
Kenapa harus cantik?
Definisi "cantik" sebagai perempuan Indonesia.
Lamb Live in Paradiso, Amsterdam.
my experience of watching Lamb Live in Amsterdam
Eat Like Shahnaz
metode dibalik hashtag #eatlikeshahnaz
Choose to Choose
Kebiasaan perempuan dalam mengirimkan sejuta sinyal