Digital Fast

Over the years people in big city, with good internet connection may experience a major change in the way they live their lives. We no longer interact with people like the way we used to before the internet days. When we see friends in a café, we spent less time chatting and more time taking pictures. We no longer eat our food the right away, but we take pictures instead and post it in social medias before we eat them. Regarding our jobs, we continuously check our emails and cannot seem to distant ourselves from our tasks even on our holiday.

Having to spend most of our time wired can make us unaware of our surroundings. And with the surprising 61% of people around the world admit to being addicted to the internet and their devices, this number would likely go higher in the future. This brought us to the question, will we spend our future even more differently than today? Will we get to be in touch with ourselves?

Ever feel like the internet era is overwhelming? Ever think to take a break from every wire? You should know that we can do a Digital Detox, or Digital Fast. It is also known as “unplugging”. This is when someone voluntarily and deliberately stop using all connected devices, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on for a certain amount of time. On my day off, I always do this at least for 3-6 hours, just reading books or chatting with my family. And I must say, I feel a lot better whenever I do this. But this is not enough, most digital fasts are at least a day long or an entire weekend. Just like food fast, longer Digital Fasts are proven to be more effective in regaining self-control and reconnect with your inner self.

The first thing we need to do to perform a Digital Fast is to free ourselves from all kind of virtual communication such as texting, chatting or facebooking. We can try to distract ourselves with a walk or a hike, and perhaps more time to get in touch with real friends with one rule, they should also digitally fasting. The idea of a digital fast has generated a lot of interest, mostly from people who work in tech companies such as Facebook or Google.

In the practice of digital fasting, one should find their own goal, may it be to get in touch of their inner self, to connect with people, or to teach themselves about the importance of life. The aim is to let go of personal satisfaction that one may have from all kind of existence through digital media. With overload informations, human beings often experienced anxiety and this could lead to imbalance in emotions.

Challenge yourself to be a better you, or if you want you can turn it into a dare with your friend or your loved ones. Unplug yourself to find yourself!

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