How to Prevent Post Workout Breakout

Working out is the best way to achieve a healthy body. But for us ladies, maintaining a healthy looking skin after a hardcore workout can be a real challenge. If you are not careful enough, you could be left with zits because of clogged pores. Not only that, for those of you who love outdoor activites, you can also get uneven skin because of the sun exposure. So here are some of the things that you can do to make sure you don’t break out.

1. Remove your makeup before workout

For some of us, going out without makeup on is just like going out without any shoes on. But no matter how addicted we are to makeups they are bad for the skin. Makeup can blocked pores, it can traps dirt, oil and bacteria. Without make up, your skin can breathe easily, sweat can exit the pores and help to flush out the stuff inside your pores that leads to blackheads, whiteheads, irritations and redness. Use your favorite cleansing milk to make sure your skin is clean and ready for some sweat.

2. Wipe down your equipments

When you workout in a gym, you need to understand that the equipments are being used by many people. Even when the gym guarantees the hygiene of their equipments, you can never be too clean. Bacteria breeds on these machines and if you touch your skin during your workout, that bacteia has now travelled to your skin. Make sure to wipe the equipments with anti bacterial wipes.

3. Keep your hands off your face and Grab a Clean Towel

Bacteria travels fast, and it might be anywhere in any place that you touch, so keep your hands off your face to make sure the bacteria doesn’t travel to your face that might caused you zits tomorrow. And if you sweat heavily, always make sure you use a freshly clean towel to wipe your sweat.

4. Go Easy on Hair Products

When you use hair product such as conditioner or other moisturizer that is too oily and then you workout, chances are when you sweat they can travel down your skin from your hair and can clog pores. This is why we often see acnes on the forehead. You can try to go easy on the product or wear a sweatband to prevent sweat from rolling down.

5. Wash your face after workout

The reason to wash your face after workout is almost like the previous one, but this step is the most crucial one. Your face would be covered in sweat after an intense workout, and that moisture combined with makeup, oil and debris can be a place for bacterias to grow. After workout remember to wipe your face with clean towel and after you stop sweating, you need to wash your face right away.

6. Shower Right Away

Keeping the health of your facial skin is the same as keeping the health of your body skin. After you stop sweating you don’t want your body to be the place for bacteria to grow, so shower right away to avoid acnes on your chest, back and stomach.

7. Use Toner with Salicylic Acid

This one is conditional, if the situation cannot allow you to wash your face right after your workout, you can use a salicylic acid based toner or facial wipes to avoid any inflammation on your skin. It is proven to be highly effective to prevent your skin from growing acnes.

8. Apply an Oil-free moisturizer

After you got your face and body clean, one last thing you need to remember is moisturizer. Use an oil free moisturizer or anti acne moisturizer, never use anything that is too heavy on your skin after a workout. And if you have dry skin you can try not to shower with hot water but cold water instead, rather than using a heavy moisturizer after sweating.

Even after you did all of the above, there are some tips that you can do to maintain your skin health. If you want to go on an outdoor workout, make sure you wear sunscreens with SPF to protect your skin from sunburn. But wearing sunscreen may comes with the risk of clogged pores, and if this happens to you, you can also try to wear hats to shield yourself from sun exposure. 

written for Soulscape.Asia

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