Preparing for Motherhood
at the end I should just take a break and breathe
Relijius dan Spiritualitas
menjadi relijius tidak selalu berjalan beriringan dengan spiritualisme
People Change, Friendship Ends
How to go separate ways when a friendship no longer nourish you.
Pregnancy Travel Survival Tips
How I managed to survived long haul flights, cold weather, electronic music concert and maintaining stamina when traveling during pregnancy.
You Are Your Own True Self
my take on thinking for yourself
First rules first!
simple things to do at home for pregnancy success
The Calling to be a Mother
keputusan kami adalah keputusan sendiri tanpa tekanan dari masyarakat.
30 Things to be Grateful For When You're 30
Turning 30 is a piece of cake
Climbing upon the 3-0 ladder
my definition of happiness is up to me
Healthy Me
mengubah cara makan sehingga menjadi lebih sehat