Born as a child who loved to draw and hear stories and tales, Shahnaz Soehartono grew up to be an art enthusiast and studied Visual and Communication Design in Universitas Pelita Harapan for her Bachelor degree. Following her passion to have an extensive knowledge about art, she pursue her study in the Urban Art and Cultural Industry in Institut Kesenian Jakarta - Graduate Program, graduated in 2017.

In 2009 Shahnaz won the 1st place of Wajah Femina, a prominent beauty pageant that introduced her to the Broadcasting Journalism world and led her to become a News Anchor. Shahnaz started her early career as a news presenter in Trans TV and continued by joining Metro TV's Journalists Development Program. Her love for journalism develops from the moment she started to write for Media Indonesia, until she made it into one of Metro TV’s field reporters and anchors. From 2013 she joined NET and become one of the main anchors of Indonesia Morning Show, one of their preeminent shows, until present.

Shahnaz continued to improve her skill in Public Speaking by being an active emcee and moderator for many events around Indonesia. Her love for knowledge sharing and networking made her begin sharing and teaching about Public Speaking with Talk Inc. The more she explores the world as a Public Speaker, the more she becomes passionate about it. Shahnaz loves her roles that allow her to meet new people, to discuss about new ideas, to write as well as to interview inspiring & influential people, to get inspired and inspire others at the same time.